At Buckingham Gardens we have created thoughtful homes where the smallest of details are planned beautifully and meticulously to inspire families to celebrate the times spent together, have friends over and yet have the comfort of privacy and calm to retreat to. The homes with its open and semi open spaces that create a smooth, seamless transition between the outdoor and the indoor, and ample natural light, are designed in varied architectural styles keeping in mind the lifestyle preferences of our discerning clientele. The luxurious smart homes have 4 spacious bedrooms with 4 attached bathrooms/ luxurious living and dining rooms / wet and dry kitchens separated for the convenience of the lady of the house/ convenient utility and pantry rooms/ master suite study/ private massage or gym room/ linen room/acoustically designed media room/ decks/ separate comfortable rooms for care taker and chauffeur with attached toilets /automatic imported remote controlled garage for 2 luxury cars/ verandahs/ beautiful front and back gardens / barbeque pit and gazebo

Orchid Villa

These villas of 8700 Sq.ft, are designed in an open style with the large central foyer, drawing, dining and pantry overlooking the back garden. It’s the perfect home for those who love to celebrate life with family and friends.

Lotus Villa

The 8270 Sq.ft homes are designed in classic style that ensures privacy for the family with the kitchen, massage room and a private den with a large terrace deck tucked away from the public view. The highlight of these villas are the charming verandahs that wrap around the homes.

Jasmine Villa

Stunning Contemporary style villas of 8530 Sq.ft, with open and semi-open spaces around an open-to-sky court . Jasmine Villas have several exciting design elements and the highlight is the study room and stairways that overlook the indoor garden court.

Exclusive facilities in each villa

private decks

massage and
exercise room

media room

linen room

caretaker' room

chauffeur's room

garage door

private garden